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At East Stour we have had the fantastic opportunity to work alongside the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) on a long-term whole school project named "Embedding Formative Assessment". This project has meant high quality training is consistently delivered to our staff on using formative assessment in the classroom to improve outcomes further! Formative assessment is the ongoing assessment that staff use to see where children are within the lesson and move them on suitably. 

We use knowledge organisers in foundation subjects to assess children's learning and ensure the learning journey is built on prior knowledge. We work towards specific end points and objectives that lead to these, which are carefully mapped out on progression documents to ensure learning builds from Nursery to Year 6.

We also use summative assessment three times a year. This provides a summary of what has been learned at a specific point in time. Children are assessed as Working Towards, Expected or Exceeding for their year group expectations. These are followed by  Pupil Progress Reviews to look closely7 at individuals, groups and classes with the Phase Leaders and Senior Leadership Team. These meetings highlight children causing concern for attainment or progress and also those attaining higher than expected or making accelerated progress; support actions or intervention groups are then set up to either diminish the difference between certain groups or boost higher achievers. The SENCO also attends these meetings and specifically supports children on the register at SEN School Support, Statements or Educational Healthcare Plans as well as identifying children who may require further monitoring or support from our SEN team. 


Key Stage 1 & 2 SATs

Standard Assessment takes place at the end of Year 2 and Year 6.


Reception baseline assessment

Schools must complete the reception baseline assessment for each child in the first 6 weeks after they enter reception.


Year 4 Multiplication tables check

Year 4 children have a multiplication check in July.