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At East Stour Primary, we fully recognise its responsibilities for child protection.  It aims to ensure that children are effectively safeguarded from the potential risk of harm and that the safety and wellbeing of all children is of the highest priority in all aspects of the School’s work.  In addition, it aims to maintain an ethos whereby staff, pupils, parents, volunteers and governors feel able to articulate concerns comfortably, safe in the knowledge that effective action will be taken as appropriate.

As part of the ethos of the school, and with regards to the Every Child Matters Children’s Act 2004, we are committed to:

  • Providing an environment in which children feel safe, secure, valued and respected, confident to talk openly and sure of being listened to.
  • Providing suitable support and guidance so that children feel confident to approach appropriate adults.
  • Using the curriculum to provide opportunities for increasing self awareness, self esteem, assertiveness and decision making.
  • Working with parents to ensure welfare of all children which may involve other agencies.
  • Ensuring all staff are able to recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse and are aware of the school’s procedures and lines of communication.