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At East Stour Personal Development is based around the core values Respect, Empowerment, Tolerance, Resilient and Optimistic. These are embedded across all we do; our curriculum, our assemblies, our interactions with the children and one another. They are displayed across the school and used to reward and celebrate behaviour. We support pupils to be confident, resilient and independent, and to develop strength of character ready for future life.

Every member of our school community is a member of one of the school houses. These house names pupils researched, suggested and voted for themselves: Hamilton, Banksy, Rowling and Hemsworth.

Our school therapy dog Calli also plays an important part in our community, bringing a sense of family and love to school. Our children have voices and are encouraged to take the lead on their own ideas to contribute positively to our school community through school council, prefects, class monitors and even organising their own events and shows! Year sixes wear purple jumpers to represent pride and are role models to the rest of the school. Our head boy and girl are active in seeking, sharing and acting upon the views of children across the school. 

The children’s enrichment is contextual and progressive. We live near Ashford International Station and many of our children need to use trains in their future lives. Our enrichment plans to teach them this skill, building up from learning about trains to being able to independently buy tickets. We know that our visits should include environments that are not easily accessible- so we visit farms and beaches. We celebrate being a part of Ashford’s diverse community and make links with colleges, services, people and businesses in the local area. 

These experiences are in line with our curriculum plans across the year, as well as building upon skills coherently from EYFS up to year 6.  We want our pupils to be confident, resilient and independent, and to develop strength of character and skills to enable them to be successful when they leave our school.


This year East Stour was awarded a Bronze level Impact Award for the fundraising completed by KS1. 

In July 2023 Year 2 completed a local litter pick and then a Dance'a'thon in which they raised £750. 

All proceeds were used to support Local food banks. 

Year 1 completed a Dance'a'thon to support a member of our school community suffering with Leukemia. 

Year 1 raised £2500 which was all donated to the hospital supporting our friend.