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Message from our Governors

East Stour has a very clear vision, that focuses around ensuring the aspirations of pupils are high. The school is led and run by dedicated staff who have the children at the heart of what they do and the decisions that are made.

As a governing body, it is our responsibility to support and challenge the school, enabling them to achieve their objectives and have the highest level of impact on the pupils and community it serves.To ensure we can achieve this, our governing body is made up of a range of individuals that bring a variety of skill sets, knowledge and experience with them. From people working in education to staff
and parent governors and those that work within the local community, it is key that the governance is strong, supportive and most importantly, impactful.
A big part of the governance approach includes regular monitoring visits that are focused on different areas of the school’s function. The Governors will meet four times a year to discuss the findings from these reviews and look at progress against the school’s plan. The governors also receive regular Headteacher updates and feedback on any in-year progress.
It is key that as a Governing body we are open, approachable and transparent. As a result, we welcome feedback, comments and suggestions from the school community.

This can be done by contacting the Chair of Governors, Paul Owen, via email at

Paul Owen
Chair of Governors
East Stour Primary School

Paul Owen

Chair of Governors

The Governing Body of EAST STOUR PRIMARY SCHOOL – Constitution date 25th March 2022


MEETING DATES 2023 - 2024





Friday 29th September 2023

Governing Board Meeting

08.00 am

Friday 24th November 2023 - rescheduled for 2nd February 2024

Governing Board Meeting

08.00 am

Friday 22nd March 2024

Governing Board Meeting 

08.00 am

Friday 28th June 2024

Governing Board Meeting 

08.00 am


Meet the Governors - 


Attendance of meetings 2023/2024


Date of meeting 

Meeting 1

29th Sept

Meeting 2

2nd Feb

Meeting 3meeting 4 
Emma Lawyesyes  
Paul Owen yesyes  
Rob Cooke apologiesyes  

Emma Francis  - 

Staff governor 

Ellen McNulty yesyes  
Sarah Beaneyyesyes  
Heather Woodcockyesyes  
Surreya Yildirim yes  
Jonathon Hobbsyesresigned from post                                     
Freddie Waltersapologiesapologies  
Anne-Marie Jonesapologiesapologies   
Zana Fletcher - Co head of school (observer)yes  

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