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Mrs J Steele

SEN Team

SEN Inclusion

Hi, my name is Mrs Steele (yes – there are two of us!) – I am part of the SEN Team.

I have worked at this school in one role or another for nearly 30yrs+.

I started as a Parent Helper – and am the SEN Team member for Inclusion – that means I try my best to help all children, their families, and the staff, in our school. Sometimes it means giving a child a special resource to use in class. Sometimes it means referring that child to a more specialised professional. Everything we do in the SEN Team is to support the children in school.

I am a mother and a grandmother (to 8 children – one who was born today 17-5-21). 

We have a dog and a cat – both are a bit naughty and like to sleep in the wrong places.