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East Stour SPORTS PREMIUM 2022-2023

We use the PE and sport premium to secure improvements in the following 5 key indicators; engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity, the raised profile of PE and sport is raised, Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport,Broader experience of a range of sports and physical activities offered to all pupils and increased participation in competitive sport.

At East Stour, children receive two hourly curriculum lessons per week. This is in addition to the daily mile  which involves 15 minutes of physical activity for every pupil from nursery age to year 6- aiming to run a mile.

We believe that PE and games contribute to the greater wellbeing of pupils, not just in physical fitness but in learning the key values of teamwork, fairness, resilience, discipline and respect for others. 

In 2021/22,  many of our children competed in inter-school competitions. Competition sports include; football, cricket, dodgeball, tennis, rounders, cross country, indoor and outdoor athletics, hockey, orienteering, KS1 skills and netball. Children have been participating in netball tournaments, handball and cricket tournaments alongside many in-school events and competitions. We believe swimming is an essential life skill for our children, and therefore we are providing swimming lessons for years 4, 5 and 6. 

Impact the school has seen on pupils' PE, physical activity and sport participation and attainment

  • The school has seen an increase in the number of children participating in inter and intra tournaments. 
  • New sports such as handball and high five netball have been introduced. 
  • In key stage 1 pupils have learned cricket and participated in both inter and intra tournaments. 
  • Football has been introduced across key stage 2 with two after school clubs. 
  • The school has achieved higher places in inter school tournaments. Several children who have been to  tournaments have been inspired to seek out sports clubs in the area. 
  • Most children can now run for 15 minutes without walking, something that can inspire life-long fitness. This increased endurance resulted in a cross country team coming second in a multi-school event.
  •  Intra tournaments created quite a buzz within participating classes. 
  • Staff have commented that children are more settled and alert after exercise such as the daily mile.


How the improvements will be sustained


  • Inter house tournaments planned for the coming year.
  • Endeavour to increase the number and variety of after school clubs (once COVID restrictions change and allow this to happen safely)
  • Additional lessons provided for children who do not meet the national curriculum swimming requirement of 25m.
  • Propose to train sports leaders and playground staff in games/sports to bring extra fitness and enjoyment to playtimes
  • Develop links with other schools for after school matches.




Total amount allocated for Academic Year 2022/23



Percentage of year 6 cohort who swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a

distance of at least 25 metres:

July 2019 80% 

July 2020 50% 

July 2021 40%

July 2022 45%


Percentage of year 6 cohort who use a range of strokes effectively: 

July 2019 60% 

July 2020 40% 

July 2021 35%

July 2022  35%


Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations
July 2022 40%

PROVISION 2021-2022 

We used the Sport Premium to improve provision in a number of ways, including:

  • Swimming Contracts: Y4 & Y5 £3425

Y6 £900

TOTAL £4325 

  • Sports equipment- including rugby, netball equipment, balls, tournament resources, bibs, and goalposts  £5000
  • Transport for coaching tournaments £100
  • Wooden block for physical exercise in Nursery/Reception £2250
  • PE hub subscription £455
  • Annual subscription to Ashford District sports  £70 
  • Continue with coaching sessions for tournaments and inter house organisation. £8132
  • Trim Trail to promote physical activity in the outside areas of school £7170

PROPOSED/APPROX SPENDING 22/23 (Expected £19430)


  • Swimming in year 4 in addition to years 5 and 6. £4600 approx
  • Sports equipment- including rugby, netball equipment, balls, tournament resources, bibs  £1000
  • Bikes/cycling in EYFS £990
  • Mats £750 
  • Transport for coaching £200
  • PE hub subscription £470
  • Annual subscription to Ashford District sports  £100
  • Continue with coaching sessions for tournaments and inter house organisation. £11,320

Conditions for 2022-23: