Ofsted & Results

The school’s latest Ofsted report from 1-2 July 2015 rated the school as ‘Good’.
Here are some of the judgements:

This is a Good School

  • Pupils are keen to learn and work hard.
  • They make good progress in all year groups in reading, writing and mathematics. As a result, standards are rising throughout the school.
  • Good teaching and well-planned provision ensure children make good progress in the early years.
  • The school has excellent arrangements for keeping pupils safe.
  • High quality care and support for pupils with a wide range of additional needs ensure they make good progress in learning, as well as developing confidence and resilience.


The following documents and information are available for inspection on request:

The School Data Dashboard provides a snapshot of school performance at Key Stages 1, 2 and 4. The dashboard can be used by school governors and by members of the public to check the performance of the school in which they are interested.

For 2017/2018 KS2

Pupils Who Achieved Age Related Expectations

Reading - 74.6%
Writing - 76.3%
Maths - 76.3%
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling - 78%

Average Progress Made

Reading | Against a Floor Target of -5

Our Progress: -0.2

Writing | Against a Floor Target of -7

Our Progress: -1.5

Maths | Against a Floor Target of -5

Our Progress: +0.7

Pupils Who Achieved a Higher Level of Attainment

Reading - 20.3%
Writing - 6.8%
Maths - 30.5%
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling - 37.3%

Average Scaled Scores

Reading | National Average 105

Our Average: 104.9

Maths | National Average 104

Our Average: 104.6

Below is the July 2015 written Ofsted report.

Attainment Graphs for 2017/18 are also attached. These show comparisons between our attainment, Kent and National.


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