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Welcome to East Stour Nursery.

Our Nursery class is called Little Composers and you can find information below about admissions, a powerpoint for new starters and messages from or team. 

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Admission to Our Nursery

East Stour Nursery caters for children from three years old. Children are able to start in our Nursery class the term after their third birthday, where possible they may be admitted in the weeks following their third birthday but always by the term after they are three. When they start we need to see a birth certificate or document to confirm their date of birth.

We often have a waiting list for Nursery places so we recommend parents/carers register their interest in a place should they wish their child to receive Nursery education at East Stour.

Places are offered in line with the following criteria:

  1. Children who are in the year prior to starting in reception class at school always take precedence.
  2. Any other enquiries are for the following September places, not June.
  3. Places will then be offered by date of birth, oldest children first.
  4. Places will then be offered according to the distance from the school.
  5. A small number of places will be offered to children with Special Educational, social, emotional or medical needs, as assessed by the multi-agency Early Year meeting.
  6. Places will then be offered according to the availability of sessions.
    Please also see the end of the page for the timeline for offers. Our nursery is open from 9.00am to 3.00pm. We offer several options for session times and we ask for these to be ranked by parents/carers on the application form. Where possible we try to allocate first preferences but we cannot guarantee this.

Many children transfer from our Nursery to our Reception class but this is not automatic and a separate application will need to be made.

You are most welcome to visit our Nursery. Please contact our School Office to arrange a visit and to obtain details of admission criteria, an application form and a more comprehensive guide to our Nursery.

Timeline for Nursery Place Offers


Offers Sent for Places to be Taken up Between


1st April – 31st August
1st September – 31st October
A place will be offered if available. All others will have places confirmed 6 weeks before they are three
1st September – 31st October
1st November – 31st December
A place will be confirmed 6 weeks before they are three
1st November – 31st December
1st January – 28th February
A place will be confirmed 6 weeks before they are three
1st January – 28th February
1st March – 30th March
A place will be confirmed 6 weeks before they are three
1st March – 30th March
Any time from 1st April – 31st May (or from 1st September)
A place will be confirmed 6 weeks before they are three

Meet Mrs Webber

Meet Mrs Bradford

Meet Miss Mott

Meet Mrs Hebbes

Little Composers Welcome Video


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