Music is considered to be an important part of school life at East Stour and of the children’s lives, being an excellent way for children to express themselves and be creative.

Music is taught throughout the school as a class subject and through topics covered in the curriculum. They learn about how music is put together, covering rhythm, pulse, melody, note lengths and different layers of music. They are taught how to read musical notations and make up their own symbols as they compose their own music. Children listen to a wide range of musical genres and are encouraged to think about the atmospheres created and the instruments used. Singing is enjoyed by all and developed in class work and in a weekly singing assembly.

Children are encouraged to learn a musical instrument and free tuition on the violin is given to all children in year 4. Children in Year 3 also begin to learn the recorder as part of their music lessons. Music lessons on a range of instruments are also available individually or in small groups through teachers from Make Time for Music (at a cost payable to Make Time for Music).

There is a Key Stage 2 choir and a recorder group for children in Years 4 – 6. Drum lessons are also available in an after school club.


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