At East Stour, we believe that computational thinking should be taught across the curriculum as it teaches how to tackle large problems by breaking them down into manageable sequences. With class sets of laptops and ipads, as well as cameras and a range of other IT equipment, we encourage children to become good digital citizens:

  • To be able to use digital technology and to know when and how it is appropriate;
  • To understand the risks (both physical and psychological) and the necessary precautions to stay safe and keep others safe online;
  • To understand the rights and responsibilities that come with using technology and the behaviour and consideration for others that is expected.Firstly, it is important that children are aware of and understand the possibilities (both hardware and software) that are available. They need to be provided with opportunities to use technology under guidance in a safe environment, where risk-taking and exploration are encouraged. With modelling and demonstration to help them, the children can then take time to discuss and reflect on their practise.

The school feels it is important that parents and community members are involved and a large part of implementing our Computing policy and helping children to become good digital citizens.


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