Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club runs from 7.50am to 8.40am each school day. Children arrive between 7.50and 8.15am. This facility is open to any child that attends East Stour Primary School, all you do need to complete a formavailable from the school office, or downloadable from the link below.

There are currently 90 children on the register but only 55 attend on a given day. There are 7 members of staff including myself – Mrs Chambers, who are there to assist with breakfast and play. Some children attend but do not require breakfast, others will have breakfast first. Children attend for many reasons, either their parents work, or the Pastoral Team think it would benefit their learning or improve attendance. We follow the school’s behaviour policy in the club.

Breakfast consists of a choice of cereals, cereal bars, fromage frais, fruit, fruit juice and milk as well as toast. On a Friday we have a treat of either baked beans or spaghetti or scrambled egg with toast. Once a term we have crumpets, or croissants as a special treat.

There are many activities for the children including: colouring, drawing, reading, completing homework, puzzles, lego, and physical games. When it is not raining we go outside.

We follow the same rules for behaviour as set out in the school policy; any unacceptable behaviour will be shared with both Mrs Law and the parents/carers of the child in question. If the behaviour continues to deteriorate then the child will be excluded from Breakfast Club until the end of the term, parents/carers will be given advance notification of this.


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