Speech and Language

Mrs N Steele

SEN Inclusion

Mrs A Crowhurst

Teaching Assistant

Speech and Language Support at East Stour Primary School

Here at East Stour Primary School we believe that by focusing on communication skills across the school we are able to identify and meet the needs of children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). We know that a greater understanding and emphasis on communication in the classroom, and school as a whole, can have a positive impact on pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) as well as SLCN. We also know that limited communication difficulties with speaking and listening can be a huge barrier to a child’s learning.

The ethos of our school, and the new Special Educational Needs Code of Practice, highlights the important need to have a clear system for early identification, assessment and support for pupils with SLCN. Staff have a robust knowledge and awareness of these needs and different styles of support that work. This means we are in a much stronger position to adapt our language, put in place strategies and resources, and effectively scaffold all our pupils’ learning. We do this through assessment tools specifically designed to identify speech and language needs across all Key Stages including Nursery and Reception. Children’s comprehension skills (understanding spoken language of others), expressive skills (ability to talk fluently) and speech (articulation – sounds we make saying words).

We work closely with Local Authority colleagues (Speech and Language Therapists) who visit weekly, as well as other Specialist Teams. Strategies for supporting pupils can be through the use of appropriate equipment, as well as interventions. These interventions may include: 1:1 targeted support, small group work, in class support or Specialist Speech and Language Therapist Support. Clear means of monitoring progress ensures we can provide the correct level of support for pupils.

Here at East Stour we are fortunate to have an experienced team of practitioners led by Julie Steele. Julie is available to discuss any concerns parents may have, as well as providing strategies and activity ideas for home support alongside regular updates on children’s progress.


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