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Huge congratulations to Vinoj who received the best left hand bowler (under 11)  award for getting more than 12 wickets this season from Ashford Cricket Club.(ACC).

Oscar attends Krav Maga Self-defence classes one a week, this year will be his 3rd year.

Every 6months they are invited to do a grading to work their way up in coloured belts. Which Oscar had now earned four.

Over lockdown the studio sadly closed but the instructors provided online classes for all kids which Oscar worked so hard on and stayed focused and committed. 

Over lockdown, he earned the PURPLE belt A belt that is very hard to achieve but his focus and determination over the worrying lockdown times did not hold him back. 


If your child achieves an award out of school we would love to celebrate their achievements. Please email any awards to your child's class teacher or the school office