Chair of Governing Board’s Annual Report 2019-2020

The purpose of this report is to summarise the work of the governing board during the school year 2019/20. Its principle audience is parents and carers of our pupils.

We operate the Circle model of governance which loosely means that all governors attend six Full Governing Board meetings a year with the occasional extra meeting, if required, for prevailing circumstances. Clearly there have been plenty of prevailing circumstances this year and we have embraced the Zoom meeting technology for many online meetings. These in themselves have created new opportunities and may make governance, particularly for monitoring visits, easier to complete, given time constraints that we all have. I am sure that this will evolve over time.

Clearly Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the school. It has also had an impact on governance. Initially we have been caught out by the pandemic, as you might expect, however I am confident that things are now in hand and the monitoring of the school plan, particularly with the recovery curriculum will be successful.

We are delighted to have taken on some new governors this year and look forward to recruiting new governors all the time. Not one to miss an opportunity, if this is something you or someone you know have every thought about, then drop me a line or let the school office know. 

In conjunction with the school plan, governors undertook monitoring visits to ensure that the school is where it should be at milestones throughout the year.  On top of this, there are standard governance actions that happen every year including Headteacher review and approving the budget as examples, all of which have been carried out successfully.

East Stour Primary School is part of the CATS federation of Ashford schools. The idea is to share resources, experiences, cost etc for mutual benefit. This also extends to governance and some of our governors are ‘on call’ to help with other schools should the need arrive, and of course other schools can help us.

Moving forwards the 2020/21 year is anticipated to be an interesting year for governance as we get to grips with a new way of governing. Often changes beings new opportunities, so I am looking forward to exploring these.

Finally the governing  board welcomes comments and suggestions from parents, carers, staff, and other members of the school community who can contact the Chair of Governors, Robert Cooke, via the school office or by email at rcooke@east-stour.kent.sch.uk.


Robert Cooke

Chair of Governors

East Stour Primary School


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