Doolally Designs

We were thrilled with the recent artwork in our Year 6 area from Doolally Designs, they have created a real focal talking point. Inspiring our children to interpret this piece in their own way. One student, Ruby, commented that she feels the piece shows her that people are joined together by music, something which you know we are very passionate about here at East Stour. When she was asked to expand on this she described how the bright colourful rainbow flows from one child’s instrument through to the other, bringing them together, she also remarked that music is not just for boys but for girls too.

From a staff / adult point of view the most appealing aspect of the artwork is the great use of colour, lines and shape, showing an obvious theme when walking through the space.

We are so very pleased with the completed work and look forward to inviting them back to East Stour to undertake more projects.



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